the fall of a sparrow
Emily. Twenty. Australia. Once took a twelve
hour overnight bus ride just to see a production
of Hamlet
. "But on the road that I’m on I must
continue; if I do nothing, if I don’t study, if
I don’t keep on trying, then I’m lost, then woe
betide me. That’s how I see this, to keep on, keep
on, that’s what’s needed.." - Vincent van Gogh
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rrosencrantz! I’m getting to your question, it’s just taking me a little while to type up my reply because I’ve started talking about Australian politics and I have a lot to say about Australian politics.

Would you ever go out with a girl?
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Yeah, absolutely. I’m more attracted to guys than girls, so I’m more likely to date a guy than a girl, but that doesn’t mean I don’t look at girls and think “damn" and sometimes get crushes on girls I know or see on the street.

All that said - it’ll probably take a lot to make me want to date right now. I’m just not interested in dating and I don’t think I will be again until I’ve got my life and my self esteem sorted out. It’s just not something I consider anymore.

Let Her Go
Passenger - All The Little Lights

the diversity of colours is amazing oh my

the diversity of colours is amazing oh my

stoker (2013)
How's your cat?
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Staring at a wall.

ask me things? personal things maybe? I don’t know, I’m applying for jobs and eating noodles and feeling restless/impatient, I’d like something to do on the side that doesn’t involve self criticism

States and territories of Australia 

don’t you want to know how this ends?