the fall of a sparrow

Emily. Twenty. Australia. "But on the road that I’m on I must continue; if I do nothing, if I don’t study, if I don’t keep on trying, then I’m lost, then woe betide me. That’s how I see this, to keep on, keep
on, that’s what’s needed.." - Vincent van Gogh
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thesecretyouknow said: “CRISTIN. Love her so much. That’s a fucking great person to be compared to :P”

I knowwwww just thinking about it makes me smile like an idiot

newlyorange said: “Where did your friend find such a bumper sticker? (Don’t be ashamed!)”

I’m not sure? It wasn’t a pre-made bumper sticker she found in some shop, she actually went online somewhere and had it made for my birthday. (I’m a teensy bit ashamed of the terminology and the looks people give me when I say he’s a character from Hamlet and not the guy from CSI.)

I’m in a class and we were required to bring our laptops for an assignment and I was wondering why a girl across the room was squinting at my laptop and

oh, god, there’s a bumper sticker on it a friend gave me that says “Horatio is my homeboy”

Last night, Amber told me that Cristin Milioti reminded her of me and I almost broke my new phone I was so overjoyed

I've Decided to Marry You
Mark Ledbetter, Lisa O'Hare, Lauren Worsham - GGLAM Aug 27 2014 Mat


Mark Ledbetter (Monty u/s), Lisa O’Hare (Sibella) and Lauren Worsham (Phoebe) perform I’ve Decided to Marry You - Mark did a rad job 

What is every living person afraid of? Death. The Big Sleep. Deep down, fearing the reaper is the reason why everyone’s so messed up in the head. (season one)